Fuel control


Constant increase of fuel prices affects the rise of fuel thefts, which on yearly basis create major money loss for companies.

  • Fuel level monitoring using LLS fuel sensor

Installment of optional fuel level sensor and its connection with the GPS/GPRS/GSM device on board, enables constant monitoring of fuel level in fuel tanks in real time regardless of engine status (on/off). This way of fuel monitoring is very precise with max. tolerance of 1%. After the sensor is installed the system records every fuel intake with indication of date, time and quantity of fuel.

Fuel level monitoring in real time or by detailed analysis through reports significantly reduces possibility of theft and consequently produces large savings.

  • Fuel level and consuption monitoring using data from on-board computer (CANbus)

Fuel level and consumption monitoring by reading CANbus data is possible on most of trucks manufactured after 2003. with activated FMS protocol.

  • Fuel cap removal sensor

Fuel cap with RFID sensor enables detection of OPEN/CLOSE status of the inlet of fuel tank. It prevents unauthorized access to the fuel tank during the night stops, syphoning the fuel and refueling in unspecified places.