Monitoring working hours

Driver identification

Mobile tracking supports the use of existing RFID ID cards for registering entering and exiting company buildings or special key tags for registering driver's working hours. Specially adapted reports enable datailed analysis of working hours, overtime and time when vehicle was used for private purposes.

  • Driver identification with RFID cards

    Before the engine is started, The RFID reader gives sound warning informing the driver to identify himself with the ID card. to the driver. After the identification is complete the sound warning stops.
  • Driver identification using GARMIN FMI device

    Mobile tracking system enables the use of Garmin FMI navigation units for the purpose of driver registration
  • Working hours record

    There are mulitiple reports avaialable in the system, exportable in Excell and PDF formats, that provide detailed analysis of drivers working hours.
  • Engine immobilising

    Optionally, connecting the identification sytem with vehicle electronics prevents engine start without previous driver authentification and therefore reduces the risk of vehicle theft.