About Mobile tracking


Mobile tracking is a complex information system designed for tracking and surveillance of various types of mobile assets such as cars, vans, trucks, ships and machinery. Extremely adaptable and easy to use, it combines modern GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies, advanced digital cartography, Internet with original software application.

Main components of Mobile tracking system are:

  • GPS/GPRS/GSM tracking device with integrated SIM card
  • Sensors for acquiring various types of data
  • Application and data servers for data collection and processing
  • Web oriented software application

After the installment, the GPS/GPS/GSM tracking device continuously monitors vehicle's location, direction of movement, speed and other parameters. The acquired data is transmitted in real time to data server where it is processed and stored.

Access to the Mobile tracking application is possible at any time and from any computer with Internet connection, after login authorisation. Login authorisation uses same security protocols as used by on- line banking applications which combined with centralised system under constant administrative supervision and data back-up ensures highest level of data protection and system stability.